Review Policy

Thank you for choosing Nichols Reviews. I review by myself, no team with me. Reviews will be completed depending upon page length. For Review inquiries please send me an email including the cover, description, page length. Please be sure to include a release date if it is an upcoming release. All reviews are an honest opinion.


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  • Paperback

  • Erotica
  • Children's
  • Paranormal
  • BDSM
  • Ageplay

Please keep in mind I will consider all inquires and will reply with whether or not I will review.

Rating System:

  • 1 Star- Didn't catch my attention.
  •  2 Star- It was a good story but could've been better. I am willing to try something else by the author. 
  • 3 Stars- Enjoyed the story and will read more from the author.
  • 4 Stars- Well thought out story, had excellent dialogue, and captured my interest.
  •  5 Stars- This story gave a wide variety of emotions and drew me in the first pages. I was wrapped up in the story and had to know what would come next.


  1. Hello Felicity!

    Thanks for blogging and reviewing books with age-play and BDSM erotica. I have a few overlapping kinks myself, although most of that stays "on paper" and shows up in themes and the like in my reading and writing.

    In a few months, I'll be publishing the Goat, a horror erotica novella. I thought you might be willing to give it a read, however, I simply could not find your email to send you the cover and description. Have I missed it perhaps?

    Either way, please keep up the good work.

    Thank you,
    -Bill Kieffer

    1. D-oh! Apparently, I just needed another cup of tea! *sips* I found it under CONTACTS.

      Now I feel silly.