Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Little Training

Title: A Little Training
Author: Abbie Adams
Rating: 4 *'s

Description: Six months of training. Six months to find a placement. Three years with a Daddy. Fifty-thousand dollars - No Kidding. 

That is the short of it. The contract I signed- well I don't think words could describe it. I essentially gave up the rights to my body for the next four years.
"...You truly have nothing to fear unless you disobey. If you are good girls you will be rewarded. But, if you are naughty, you will be spanked or punished. You will learn as you go along. As will we all, I suppose. Right now, all you need to know is that you must obey all of the adults or men in our home." Trace locked his gray-blue eyes on mine until I looked away. I thought he was challenging me until I noticed he made the same eye contact with all the girls. 

"You will only call me Daddy, and the other men- Uncle. As you get to know them you may call them Uncle Matt or such but you must always use the respectful term Uncle. Are there any questions on this?"

A Little Training" is a work of contemporary age-play erotica, which includes both consensual and non -consensual spankings, and anal training. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book. 

My Review:
Alivia sees the ad: Six months of training. Six months to find a placement. Three years with a Daddy. Fifty- thousand dollars. What's a little sacrifice if it pays for her brother, Wes to go to college? She signs the contract and begins her life as a Little Girl.

This story is written as if you were reading a diary. I was instantly drawn in, I felt as if I were holding a journal reading someone's thoughts. It was a true page turner for me.

As the story progresses so does Alivia. When she first arrives she is not alone. Sara, Caity, and Erin are all starting their first day as well. We get to read about their disobedience, their achievements, as well as their struggle to conform to being a Little. Everything from clothes to bedding is earned with good behavior. All the men except Daddy are referred to as Uncle. Some Uncles are more gentle than others.

I really liked this story because I am still learning about age play myself. I felt as if I were reading someones real life experience and learning about their journey into age play. A Little Training is definitely for someone like myself, is new to age play. This is like a guide, it shows you the highs and lows of being a Little Girl. I highly recommend this especially if you are new to age play.

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