Monday, August 25, 2014

Out Of Order

Author: Zoe Melville
Publisher: Zoe Melville
ISBN: 9781310215544
Genre: Erotic F/F
Pages: 27

It's a long, hot summer, and Jen needs to blow off some steam. When someone new - someone attractive - starts taking the same train as her into work, Jen decides to pass the short, stifling hot journey with a harmless flirtation. As the days pass, Jen gets bolder until she takes the plunge and acts on her desires - but who is seducing who?

This story follows Jen who finds a woman on the train who remains nameless throughout the story. She has an instant attraction to this older woman and knows she wants her. In one brave move she goes after her but when the tables turn how will she take it?

I really enjoyed this short story and the only complaint I had was that it ended too soon. I am hopeful for a sequel. Zoe Melville definitely is in her element with F/F. I found myself turning page after page and wanting more.

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