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The Bishop's First Bride

Title: The Bishop's First Bride
Author: Rayanna Jamison
Publisher: Blushing Books

Rosa Collins was only sixteen when she received a vision telling her of her future husband. Knowing that her husband would be Lucas, the Bishop's son, and future Bishop of Green Valley, both thrilled and terrified her. They were a match made in heaven, she knew, perfect for each other.

But becoming the Bishop's Wife is harder than Rosa anticipated. She struggles to transform herself into the perfect Bishop's Wife that her husband needs.

Lucas misses the real Rosa. Somewhere between getting married, and becoming the future Bishop's wife, his beloved wife has lost part of herself. Lucas knows that a good, old fashioned spanking is exactly what Rosa needs to help her find balance in her unrealistic expectations of what the perfect wife should be. But, try as he might, that balance doesn't come easily for Rosa, and it certainly didn't help that her high school nemesis kept popping up and making trouble.

Will Lucas help her realize that all he wants is for his wife to be happy? Can Rosa pull herself together enough to become the Bishop's First Wife?

 I am a 30 something happily married mother of two who recently started writing again after a long break. I recently made a big move that was life changing and gave me time and freedom to start writing again. With the encouragement of friends, I published my first story with Blushing Books.

I'm a spanko by nature and always enjoyed the odd times I would come across spanking scenes in romance novels. When I realized this had it's own genre and publishers, I decided to give it a go.

For now, I write sweet, clean spanking fiction with a twist, but I expect to branch into the world of erotica before the end of the year!

Carolyn stopped short in front of them, and immediately began to fawn over Luke, and ignore the fact that Rosa was even there.

“Lucas Miller! Is that you? Well, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes! It’s been what, two years?” Carolyn drawled, grabbing Luke to her chest in a forced hug. Luke sent Rosa a deer caught in headlights look, and carefully disentangled himself from the force that was Carolyn. 

Rosa breathed a sigh of relief. Of course, Luke had it under control. He had always known just how to handle Carolyn.

“Carolyn.” Luke’s greeting was short but kind. He was never unkind-he would make a wonderful bishop, Rosa knew.
“Luke” Carolyn drawled, running a finger across his chest suggestively. “Is that any way to greet an old friend?” Carolyn puffed out her bottom lip in an exaggerated pout and Rosa couldn’t stop herself from rolling her eyes.

Luke was too nice. He actually fell for Carolyn’s pouting, and apologized for his short greeting. Rosa couldn’t believe it. She had always thought Luke too smart for Carolyn’s wiles, and now with a pout and an eyelash flutter he was eating out of her hand?

“I’m sorry Carolyn- that was rude of me. It’s nice to see you. You look well. Surely, you remember Rosa Collins?”

Carolyn smiled at Rosa for a half of a second before turning her attention back to Luke. “Are you just in town for the day Lucas? I’ve just finished my last class of the day, and I was heading over to this little café over yonder to get a snack. Why don’t you say goodbye to your friend and meet me over there in a few minutes?”

Rosa saw red. She didn’t even wait to see how Lucas would respond as all rational thought had left her brain at that point.

She sidestepped in front of Lucas, so that she was effectively wedged between Lucas and Carolyn, and putting both hands in front of her gave Carolyn a mighty shove- causing her to fall backwards into the street, right in a mud puddle. “I’m not his friend- I’m his fiancée!”

Carolyn just sat sputtering in the middle of the mud puddle- big crocodile tears forming in her eyes. “Well- I never!”

“Yeah? Well maybe you should never just a little more often! Why don’t you learn to act like a lady, and keep your hands off of my man! That’s right Carolyn- he’s mine, and we’re getting married in three weeks. Forgive me if your invitation gets lost in the mail!” Rosa was screaming and beginning to create quite a scene, before Luke jumped into action.

Rosa was still screaming choice words at Carolyn, when Luke stepped forward and graciously helped her out of the puddle- which only served to make Rosa angrier. 

Her brain completely left her then, and when Luke reached down and offered Carolyn his hand, Rosa pushed him over too! Carolyn saw it coming, and scooted out of the way, and Luke fell in the puddle beside her with a splash, spraying more mud to cover her face and the front of her dress.

That’s when Rosa finally realized she had gone too far. She watched horrified, as a scowling, unamused Lucas rose from the puddle. His eyes were dark as he sent her a warning glance before turning and helping Carolyn out of the puddle.

Walking up to her, he leaned in close. “Do.not.move” he told her, his voice hard between gritted teeth.

 Rayanna Jamison has gifted us with a unique flavor in her Love Multiplied Series. It's not just stories about polygamous families, it's so much more than that. It's about the love, discipline, guidance, and friendship that can come from being in a poly relationship. The Bishop's First Bride is no different.

Rosa Collins has a vision at sixteen that she is going to marry Lucas Miller but cannot speak about it until she is eighteen. It's her hardest secret to keep but she knows it will be worthwhile. When Lucas returns home as The Bishop she is of age to speak of her vision.

While Lucas has always had eyes for Rosa he soon learns that the pressure with becoming the Bishop's wife can sometimes be overwhelming. Together him and Rosa will have learn how to work together to meet their needs. Try as they might the road ahead proves difficult but nothing that a good over the knee spanking won't cure.

The Bishop's First Bride gives us a look at living in a polygamous community from a young woman's point of view and the trails she faces. Jamison has brought us a different type of story and I love that she incorporates characters from the previous story into the current story. If you haven't tried out Jamison, there's no time like the present.

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