Wednesday, June 3, 2015

#SpankA2Z: Cross Stitch!

I couldn't possible share my finish without openly admitting to stitching this along side the theme song. It didn't take hardly anytime at all to stitch and I have to say I have found my addiction in stitching these amazing mushrooms. Without further ado here is my most recent finish.

It is SO AWESOME! 11 ct is definitely my preferred for this project.

And here it is all bordered next to the minion 'shroom!

To see more of my cross stitch visit my blog, The Eclectic Stitcher.


  1. I used to cross stitch, Felicity. I loved it and went on to do Hardanger, beadwork, and use specialty fibers. Then my eyesight got bad enough that it was too stressful to cross stitch. Now I knit and crochet instead, and occasionally do plastic canvas needlepoint. Your project looks great, no mistakes! Good work.

    1. More power to you Patricia, I couldn't get the hang of Knitting and Crocheting. I love cross stitch, thanks for the wonderful compliment! <3