Thursday, June 11, 2015

#SpankA2Z: Humble

There has been a lot of negativity surrounding the internet in the past few months. Feuds between friends, publishers, lovers, authors. Sometimes I think in the rush of things we forget to take a moment to appreciate where we've come from and how hard we worked to get to that point. The idea to review came from my MIL. Many of you know her as Tiffany in the book reviewing world. She has since taken a hiatus but she is what started my book reviewing. She suggested I send an email out to Korey Mae Johnson over at Stormy Night Publications for a book reviewer. Korey then sent me Shared Between Them and I haven't stopped reviewing since. I am usually pretty private about my life other than the snippets I share on my personal blog. I have felt lost, struggling, and even swallowed up. It has flooded in my ability to review and what was once a beloved hobby has felt forced. This is why my reviews have been lacking. I don't want to give a half-assed review especially because I have worked tirelessly to build myself as reviewer. I have tried running a team, having a partner, and even running multiples teams and it never works for me. My biggest support is definitely the authors. Some of whom constantly check up on me and have patience and trust in knowing that I will get their reviews out. This is very humbling for me because it seems like trust in the review community has become a rarity. I have tried to review many genres but I always come "home" so to speak. The erotica community has welcomed me in as a known reviewer and I always aspire to provide honest, well thought out reviews. My goal as a book reviewer is to always leave to author assured as to why they got the rating they did. Along the way I have lost authors because of a bad review but I see all my reviews as helpful critiques. I will never slam an author but I will instead build you up. Since when did pride take off the simple act of a thank you? I have hit a turning point in my life which is funny in a way because I am only 22 but some days I feel so much older.

As some of you know I have once again separated from my husband. While I won't dive into personal details, my three year marriage was a lie and it took four years to wake up and truly see that. I am not the type of person that will slam him because we all make mistakes. I have said horrid things to him and his s/o but I am working really hard on a path of self-discovery and turning a new leaf. I am striving towards a more positive outlook on life. I seek beauty and happiness in life instead of the miserable road I have been on. I really feel like we could all take a step back and remember where we started. Yes, sales are important but if you come off as a pompous ass and never give your readers thanks or the authors that write under your publishing house appreciation then how do you expect readers to want to keep coming back. It breaks my heart when close friends come to me upset because they have been hurt by their fellow peers. Reviewers deserve as much appreciation as the authors who write for them. It is all a circle of life aspect. The publisher accepts the author, the author writes for the public, the public leaves a review. It is a constant repeating spiral.

To be humble is to remember your roots. Where you come from. What inspires you. To balance the good and the bad. To grow from every story, comment, and review. It's so much more than sales. I became a book reviewer because I wanted to have a voice. I wanted people to know who I loved and supported. The Erotica Community has been especially supportive through my many hiatus' and through my break downs. From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you for everything and allowing me to read and review your stories. I want to say a special thank you to all of you that have taken the time to check on me, get to know me, and become a close friend. If it wasn't for you, I don't know how I'd walk on my own two feet at times.


  1. I so appreciate these personal posts. I wish you all the best Felicity xoxo <3

  2. Im glad I could help you find a passion you love sweetie.

  3. What a lovely personal post. Good, honest reviews with constructive criticism are helpful to me as a new author (nasty, scathing ones with nothing constructive to be said are another story). Thanks :)

  4. What a lovely post. I started out as a reviewer and recently wrote my first book with Maggie Ryan. My favorite thing is still reading and reviewing my favorite authors.