Saturday, November 8, 2014

Leading The Way (Corbin's Bend #4)

 Title: Leading The Way (Corbin's Bend #4)
Author: Constance Masters
Publisher: Blushing Books Publications
Pages: 136
Genre: Erotic Romance

 Zachary Cunningham moved his family to Corbin's Bend when everything in their life seemed out of control. In a DD relationship with his wife Erin, he thought things had leveled out now that they lived in a community where everyone watched out for one another and discipline was the norm. Surely his family life could be more settled now.
Erin had never made friends easily and in Corbin's Bend she found it doubly as hard. A little too hard on herself, she ignored her mentor and any friendliness from neighbors; so afraid of making a mistake that she didn't try. Until her husband insisted. Having convinced herself she was doing what he wanted, she made friends with a few ladies who liked to push the envelope a little. From bowling to a strip club to smoking a little weed, her life was definitely a lot more fun, even if she was hiding her activities from Zach.

When her husband and the board of Corbin's Bend discovered their indiscretions, Erin and her friends found out what public discipline really meant. When the discipline led to a larger sense of security and more friendships than she could have imagined, Erin began to understand that following Zachary's lead truly was the way. 

 I am a wife, a mother , a grandmother and an author.

I guess my love of writing began when I was at school. It was the subject I loved most.

I didn't write while my oldest children were small because I was busy raising them, also there was no internet back then...hell there weren't many computers at all and those that were there were not much more than glorified typewriters. The internet and high tech computers make life so much easier and although I still have a couple of children at home, I have much more time now to write.

 So far this is my favorite book in the Corbin's Bend series, I loved Zach and Erin's kids and the constant sarcasm and bickering from the two. It was nice to see the story from a family setting and not solely focused on just Erin and Zach.

Zach and the kids have found happiness at Corbin's Bend and settled in but Erin feels like an outsider looking in. She feels like none of the women want her there so when Zach takes matters into his hands and makes her throw a party she's soon to find the community more welcoming than she originally thought.

When she makes it in with the "cool crowd" she finds herself in all kinds of trouble that sure to leave a gal's bottom red. The humor of this story had me laughing out loud and I absolutely love how relaxed the story felt as a whole. Leading The Way captured my heart and is sure to be a story I will revisit again.



  1. Great review!! I'm just now catching up on all of the books I've missed while I was offline for so long. I can't wait to read this one!

  2. Thanks so much Felicity, That was an amazing review! xoxo

  3. I loved that scene too--when they all got stoned. When Erin finally relaxed and let go, she did it in a big way!