Sunday, January 18, 2015

Along For The Ride

 Title: Along For The Ride (Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe 3)
Author: J.F. Silver 
Publisher: Stiff Rain Press 
Pages: 80

 While celebrating a year of incredible fun together, Elaine proposes a new challenge for Joe and their friends, Mika and John. Each gets to choose an activity they’re passionate about and the other three must come along for the ride. How far out of your comfort zone would you go for your friends? Later, when a financial crisis threatens to postpone a much anticipated birthday party, the four lovers face a tough decision. Will their string of celebrating special milestones be broken? And what happens when Joe and Elaine are tempted by masked strangers at a sizzling Halloween Ball? Find out in Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe’s sexiest adventure yet!

 We never know which road life will take us down. J. F. Always wanted to write but a lifetime of work and family happened, passing all too quickly while his dream got pushed aside. Who knew, all these years later, that his passion would return in the form of hot group-sex stories? He's so grateful to be able to share them and loves dreaming up new fantasies for his characters to experience.
Today, he lives in Wisconsin with the love of his life, his soul mate, and the inspiration for all his work. Besides sex and writing about it, his passions include baseball, music, playing the drums, his two daughters, and especially, spoiling his grandchildren. He never gave up on his dream of being a writer. He just took the scenic route.
He loves hearing from readers. Find out more about "Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe" and J. F. Silver at: or on Facebook at www.facebook/jfsilver.98


 Along For The Ride is the third book in the Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe series. It picks up right where we left off in book two. In this book there is more adventure and detail than the first two. When I first read book one, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep up with the series but looking back I see the amount of detail necessary to help us follow their story line.

In this installment Mika, Joe, Elaine, and John's companionship is at its strongest. They have definitely built a long lasting friendship. Even though the sex has grown hotter, the story focuses more on the adventure between the two couple.

Overall this was a solid read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. J.F. took a risk writing about an older couple but it's refreshing to see that even when we are older, the romance can very much still be alive.

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