Saturday, May 2, 2015

Soft Serve Sweetie

Author: Lynn Cooper
Publisher: Targheda Press 
Pages: 84

 Cherry Mercer has a degree in biology, but due to the crappy economy, she finds herself working at Pete’s Ice Cream Parlor. As far as jobs go, it isn’t that bad. It enables her to pay back her student loans while indulging her love of soft serve. In her wildest dreams, she never imagines the decadent chocolate and vanilla swirl can get her into so much trouble with the law. When she runs into Officer Zane Barrett, her whole world is turned upside down. He’s as hot as the day is long. And even though a gal can’t be arrested for what she’s thinking, Cherry still finds herself being hauled downtown.
Zane Barrett—a seventeen-year veteran of the police force—spends his days serving and protecting his community. He lives in a nice house, loves his job and spends his spare time with his partner, Knox, and his wife Sadie. Despite Knox’s badgering, Zane insists he isn’t lonely and doesn’t feel the need to actively look for “Miss Right.” In fact, his philosophy is: Not everyone’s meant for love and marriage. But once he crosses paths with Cherry Mercer, he quickly realizes his philosophy has more holes than a firing range target. Unfortunately, Cherry has erected some emotional walls that could prove to be impenetrable. Zane offers her an irresistible proposition intended to tear down those carefully constructed barriers. The question is, will Cherry take the bait and give both of them a chance for a happily ever after?

Soft Serve Sweetie is part of the Plus Size Romance Series. Each book is a standalone with no overlapping characters, storylines or cliffhangers. This series is a perfect combination of romance, steamy love scenes and humor. The stories are sensual and romantic, uplifting and lighthearted. Feel-good reads that leave you feeling great! 

 I grew up in a small town in South Carolina with big dreams of becoming a ventriloquist. I ordered my first and last dummy from a Sears catalog. It didn't take me long to realize that I was never going to be able to talk without moving my lips. Plus, the dummy gave me horrible nightmares.

I got married at the age of twenty-three and worked for a decade in the health field as a surgical technologist and later as a dental assistant. When I grew tired of looking at people's innards, I decided to give writing a try. As it turns out, I'm pretty good at it.

Predominately, I write red hot romance. However, I enjoy writing a variety of books. My other publications include a 1920's period piece that centers around first love, a suspense/psychological thriller, a non-fiction self-help book and a children's book. It is my opinion that a good writer can write in any genre that he or she desires.

Of course my greatest desire is to write stories that entertain my readers and provide them with a temporary means of escape from reality. Other than reading, my favorite form of escapism is watching old movies. My favorite actor is Cary Grant. Between you and me and the bedpost, he is my cinematic boyfriend. Check out my author profile pic and see for yourself. 

 Cherry Mercer is a plus sized woman working at Pete's Ice Cream Parlor. While it's not an award winning job, it pays the bills and keeps her afloat. It doesn't hurt that it allows her to indulge in soft serve ice cream. She knows she wants more for life but doesn't expect to crash into the hunky officer.

Zane Barrett is a long serving veteran on the force. He has dedicated his life to career and knows there is something missing. When he meets the cutie with the ice cream on her face, he knows that he needs to delve deeper into getting to know Cherry.

Overall, this wasn't a bad story. It felt rushed and it could of used more detail but there was enough there for a solid story. I enjoyed watching Zane break down Cherry's walls and show her that she deserves love despite her size.

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