Saturday, May 2, 2015

What She's Looking For

Author: Trent Evans
Publisher: Tritium Press; 1st edition 
Pages: 339
 What if the very thing you crave is that which you most fear?

Ashley is a woman running from her past -- and from herself. Ten years of marriage to a man who took his dominance too far has left her scared, but defiant ... determined, yet desperate.

Knowing what she doesn't want, but not knowing what she really needs, she moves West, seeking to rebuild her life, for once in control of herself. But inside she suspects it's that control itself that's the real problem -- she doesn't want it. Any of it.

In a beautiful resort town in central Washington, she meets two gorgeous men; the stern, dangerous Parker, and the dark, brawny Drake. Can she risk herself again, surrender to the forbidden pleasure of being subject to these men? Or is the possibility of having her heart broken yet again too much to chance?

In the arms of not one, but two, strict Dominant men, can she find the peace she's looked for all her life? The peace she's only found in the bonds of utter submission, the dark pleasure of being the property of two men at once?

Or, as she learns more about these mysterious men, will she realize that it's not only her heart at risk?
 Trent Evans is an independent author of BDSM erotic romance and erotica. Putting pen to paper since he was a wee lad, he decided to try to share some of the tales cooked up in his fevered imagination. Some readers might not be horrified at what he writes. He tries to write stories that appeal to both women and men (wow, threading the needle), but will follow wherever the story takes him.

A long-time resident of the Pacific Northwest, the author believes that the high percentage of authors in the region (compared to the nation as a whole) is chiefly due to the fact that it's so damned wet and miserable all the time there. They tend to use their long hours cooped up inside spinning yarns that depict things they'll never see or experience -- such as sunshine.

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 I really loved this story and knew when I started it I would finish it in one session. Ashley is running from her past determined to find a fresh start. She is scared to move on after running from her husband of ten years. She is scarred from her past and knows this move will be just what she needs.

Parker and Drake know they want Ashley from the first meeting. They know she is hiding something but cannot quite place their fingers on what. Determined to make her surrender to true desires, they are willing to stop at nothing to show what submitting and being loved really is all about.

Evans has a writing style that pulls you in. You know you're bound for a good story with the level of detail he goes into with his characters. You want to see where the story progresses and how far Ashley will be pushed. You know Parker and Drake are dominants but you also see the softer side that just wants Ashley to be loved.

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