Thursday, September 4, 2014

Cancer We Beat You

Title: Cancer We Beat You
Author: Andrew Hubbert
Publisher: Andrew Hubbert
Pages: 26

This is the thought provoking tale of me. A teenager who battled through school whilst his mum had Cancer. 

It shows you the true effect of Cancer on the whole family and not just the person who has it. 

It shows that only years later I finally came to terms with what had happened.

 In just a few pages we are let in Andy's world as he struggles to maintain school and be there for his mother who is struggling with cancer. This story shows a different point of view. It gives us a look into the family's views and how they are feeling about everything going on.

Towards the end of the novel Andy hits a subject that is close to home for myself and many others: Anti-depressants. He explains the harsh effects and how difficult it is to adapt to the changes that they bring about with your body.

Andy's mother should be extremely proud of him for having the courage to give his side. To show us what it feels like to watch your family go through such a difficult disease and come out strong.

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