Sunday, September 21, 2014

Strokes Of Midnight

Title: Strokes Of Midnight
Author: Mallory West
Publisher: Mallory West
Pages: 47
Genre: Erotica

Warning: Graphic sexual scenes 
Hank is hunting the wants ads, looking for that elusive dominatrix who could possibly bring him out of his shell and into the world, he desires. 

Wanda is worried that being a weekend sex slave may change her life forever. The deviant things she has to do to please her two masters! 

Peter is the quintessential ‛pick up artist’. Does a lady dare to have him buy her a drink? 

Melinda is caught in the nude watching the muscular roofer next door. He comes a knockin’ for that proverbial ‛may I have a glass of water’

Mallory West is the pen name of a prolific author who writes primarily fiction in her true name, erotica under this pseudonym. She has written several short stories for major adult magazines since the '90's.
She enjoys writing erotic fiction on a variety of sexual explorations for adults, with a preference for writing hard-core BDSM erotica. She is also an avid martial arts student. Look for more titillating adult reading from Mallory in the near future.

Amazon Ava: Hank is tired of craving to be submissive but not knowing where to go. He passes by the newspaper stand constantly wondering if should pick up the want ads. Then one day he does it and schedules a meeting with Ava. Ava teaches him how to be submissive. Although short, West gives us a nitty gritty right down to it story. I enjoyed this and wouldn't mind seeing more of Ava and Hank.

Weekend Love Slave: Wanda has always dreamed of being a sex slave for a weekend but when she gets what she wished, will it be too much? Bart brings her over to his cousin Pete's house and tells her she will be servicing both of them for the weekend, no excuses. I enjoyed this although some parts felt a bit intense. When going it to read this one keep an open mind.

Pick-Up Artist: Peter is your traditional playboy: He get what he wants when he wants it. When he sees Nita at the bar he knows she'll be his catch of the night. He proceeds to bring her back to his place for a night of BDSM, bondage, and much more. This story felt rushed to me and it didn't capture my attention as much.

The Roofer: Being woken up before you're ready to be awake isn't ever fun that is unless there is a hot roofer to stare at. Getting lost fantasizing Melinda is caught in the nude by Raul. He bravely asks for a drink of water and one things leads to another. After not having sex for two months she welcomes Raul into her bed. This was my favorite story by far. I was captured from the first few pages and couldn't stop reading until I finished.

Overall Review: I really enjoyed these four stories. They are quick and to the point leaving no waiting in between. Some of the stories felt rushed while others felt just right. I look forward to reading more of West's work in the future.

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