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Book Spotlight: A Brush Of Violet by Corinne Alexander

High powered business woman, Violet Walker, has long left her artistic days behind. That is until her best friend, Everleigh Harris, invites her to Corbin's Bend for an art festival. What Everleigh doesn't know is that Violet hasn't been able to paint a single brush stroke since turning her back on her submissive desires and spanking needs in college. When she meets charismatic and drop dead gorgeous Charles her world is turned completely upside down. Will Violet, overworked, burnt out, and in denial of her deepest wants and desires, be able to surrender when love knocks on her door?   

Charles Robinson, President of the discipline Board in Corbin’s Bend and longtime resident, adores the community he lives in and the freedom it provides for all who live there. Raised in a traditional family; love and discipline are a way of life for him. There’s nothing he wants more than a marriage just like his parents where spanking and romance go hand in hand, even if that means holding out for true love. Is Violet just the kind of woman he’s looking for?

Will Violet risk the life she’s built for herself in blood, sweat, and tears for the undeniable connection she has with Charles, the utter bliss and contentment she feels when she’s over his lap? Can Charles convince Violet she really can have it all? Will this trip be just what she needs to rekindle all that she has lost since joining the corporate world?

“Charles,” Everleigh called out beside her. “You’re just the person I was hoping to see today. I wanted to introduce you to my friend Violet while we’re here.” Everleigh gave her hand a meaningful squeeze grinning at Charles. “Violet’s the friend I told you about. She came to help with the art fair.” 

Charles chuckled and held out his hand. His eyes crinkled around the edges as he smiled. “It’s very nice to meet you, Violet. Ever has told me so much about you.” 

Violet was breathless as she took in the tall, dark, and gorgeous man in front of her. At just over six foot tall, clad in a well-tailored suit, he had a commanding presence. Barely having the presence of mind to extend her hand, when she did, the electrical currents raced along her nerve endings. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Charles,” she said in an effort to keep her composure. “We were just on our way to turn in forms for the fair, and then Everleigh is going to give me a tour of the place,” she said with a bright smile. Her words came out clear with no hint of the schoolgirl reaction happening inside her. 

“I would be happy to take care of the forms for you,” he said, reaching out to take them from her, the warm brush of his hand causing her to shiver. “We’re all looking forward to this event. Everleigh has worked magic to make it happen, and we are so proud of her.” 

Ever’s face flushed with pleasure. “Well, I didn’t do it alone,” she said waving off the compliment. 

I’ve had a lot of help.” 

Charles turned his attention back to her. “I’m looking forward to see what you have brought with you to show. I’ve heard how talented you are.” 

Her heart stopped at the compliment. Did Everleigh tell everyone how talented I am? She was suddenly sick to her stomach. She felt like such a fraud coming here to an art show, everyone thinking she was so great at it when she hadn’t been able to paint a single painting in years, and it wasn’t even for lack of trying. She had been completely blocked. Her creative energy was gone, dried up. He doesn’t have to know any of that. No one does. You’ll just show you’re old paintings and no one will be the wiser. She forced a polite smile. “Thanks, you’ll have to stop by my booth.” 

“You can count on it,” he said, his warm deep baritone a match for the equally warm dark brown of his eyes drawing her in. “Will Everleigh be giving you the community tour after she gives you the clubhouse tour?” 

“Oh, I don’t think we’ll have time.” She looked at Everleigh for confirmation. “We’re going to head out after this to take some flyers to some nearby businesses and then maybe head over to Boulder after that to do the same. Hopefully, we’ll draw some additional local interest. We’ve already put ads out on the internet, so hopefully between the two that will be enough,” she added. 

“Vi’s here for a week, so plenty of time for that,” Ever interjected. 

“Well, if Everleigh doesn’t mind, I would love to give you the full VIP tour around town. If you’re free and willing around lunch time tomorrow, EndelĂ©’s would be the perfect first stop. They have the best Mexican food around.” 

Her stomach fluttered at the thought of being taken around town by Charles with all of that authoritative presence focused on her. “That sounds great as long as I’m not needed elsewhere,” she agreed with the caveat. “I’m just not sure what Ever has planned for us tomorrow.” 

“Oh no not at all,” Ever said conspiratorially. “I’ll be fine, you go ahead. The tour will be much better with this handsome man leading the way. I have some final touches to put on one last piece that I’m getting ready for the fair, so this actually works out perfectly.” 

“In that case, I would love to,” she said with genuine interest. 

“Okay, great,” he said cheerfully. I promise you will have a great time. Will eleven a.m. be okay?” 

“Yes, perfect.” She couldn’t believe the first day here and things were already taking an interesting turn. It was refreshing to be able to just say yes to a lunch date with no obligations breathing down her neck. It felt so freeing. 

Just before he turned away, he said with a wink, “Be sure to have Everleigh show you the room on the main floor that says key code entry only.” 

“That sounds mysterious. What is this special access room that I must see?” she asked, curiosity piqued. 

“Ohh, I think I’m going to let him show you tomorrow. Trust me it will be much better that way,” 

Ever said cryptically, with a grin.

Corinne Alexander is an erotic spanking romance writer who loves nothing more than to snuggle up with a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and a steaming hot erotic romance. She enjoys strong alphas, feisty heroines, and a good old fashioned spanking romance. A Brush of Violet (Corbin’s Bend) is her debut novella. Corinne’s favorite kind of day is when she can slip away into nature to get lost in her daydreams (spinning her fantasies) with the forest floor under her feet, the wind rustling through her hair, and sunbeams kissing her face.

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