Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Burnt Offerings

Title: Burnt Offerings
Author: Jocelyn Devon
Publisher: Jocelyn Devon
Pages: 12

 Alice, what will become of her? A young woman determined to get justice. Abraham, a man bent on destruction. Ms. Nellie, headmistress of Swift Hope, an orphanage for children that people no longer want or love. Corruption, abuse, hatred live and breathe at Swift Hope. Will there be any hope left for Alice and the others? Or are they destined to its violent demise?

 Jocelyn comes from a little country town in Ohio but has lived in Texas since 2002 with her husband, sons, and 2 dogs. 

 In just twelve short pages we are brought into a world of abuse, hope, and the need to escape. While Burnt Offerings reads as a complete story it does leave open room for more. We get a full story but there is also hope for more.

Alice is a young woman looking for someone to believe in her. She has suffered abuse from Abraham has been abusing her and when she tells Headmistress Nellie she is made to be a liar. Fueled with the need for justice she sets out to get justice from Abraham and Nellie one way or another.

Burnt Offerings left me with chills as I read through Alice's need and hope. I wanted to reach within the pages and save her. I would love to see another story about Alice when she's older and how leaving Swift Hope saved her future.

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