Sunday, April 19, 2015

Out Of The Darkness

Title: Out Of The Darkness
Author: Rachel de Vine
Publisher: Blushing Books Publishing
Pages: 114

Marianne Delaney isn't really aware how beautiful she is, or how she could drive men wild, despite being one of the world's most sought after models. Drawn by the pull of a submissive relationship, Marianne receives a poor introduction to the lifestyle at the hands of a man who cares nothing for her. Looking for so much more than just a new start, Marianne heads to New York. It's there where she meets the first positive influence in her life, a wonderful father-figure named Chad. He takes her under his wing, guiding her through not only life, but a new introduction to a loving, submissive relationship. 

Life with Chad couldn't have been more perfect. But when tragedy strikes, Marianne is left heartbroken and lost, desperately searching for yet another do-over. Will she find her escape in the arms of uncomplicated and vanilla Robbo? Or will it be the handsome, powerful Dom, who sweeps into her life to take control? Will Marianne ever find true happiness after so much pain and darkness in her life? 

Rachel de Vine was the pen name I chose when I began to write romantic stories with an erotic, more adult twist. I have loved writing since I was a child, even winning a competition for writing, but life intervened and I only returned to writing more recently. I love travel, reading (anything and everything), history, music and family.

I love to write about strong, intelligent and passionate characters, who lead interesting lives. Some of my stories are contemporary, while others are historical. I like to explore the sexuality and sensuality that lurks beneath the surface of most of us, and I often fall in love and lust with my leading male character when I am writing about him. I am a fickle woman though, because as soon as I begin a new book a new male character takes his place. Some of my female lead characters face many challenges throughout their journey, but I always try to end my stories on a positive, happy note. I am an optimist and prefer happy endings.

If you have some comments about my books, or constructive criticism, I would be interested to hear from you.

When I read the blurb for Out Of The Darkness I knew I wanted to read more but once I started in I had some mixed feelings towards it.

Marriane Delaney is one of the world's top models and many men seek her attention on a daily base. She knows she's different from most women in that she is drawn to the idea of submission but through many trials she discovers the true meaning of submission and what a real Dom is like.

I commend de Vine for being the first author I have come across that writes about the emotional battle you face when you lose your companion, mentor, and Dom. I felt for Marriane and my heart broke right along side hers as she grieved over the unexpected tragedy that took him away.

It felt like there were many ideas being pulled into one story. The transitions at times weren't the smoothest and sometimes I had to reread to figure out if I was in current time or in a memory. I can see where de Vine was trying to show us the long road that Delaney had to travel to find her true love but for me there was a lot of fluff that wasn't necessary to the story. I feel like if we would have focused on love lost to renewed strength in love the story would have been so much more stronger.

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