Sunday, October 4, 2015

Face Your Demons: October 3

For today’s challenge you will be writing a story about corruption.
 The rules are simple: 
1. Find the two cutest characters in your deck. 
2. Write a story about their corruption. 
3. Include three onomatopoeias 
4. Use the line “And that’s how they fell” or “And that’s how we fell” depending on your POV

John was weary of traveling. He had been succesfully hiding his true identity bouncing from realm to realm. He knew the beautiful woman upon the stage was out of his reach but he longed to have her. She moved gracefully around the stage, it would only be a moment before the sharp surge of pain would hit and he'd be back upon his ship.

He felt himself shaking. Tick-tock, tick-tock. As the sharp snap in started low in spine the familiar sensation would hit. He was back with his crew members. He risked being stuck between realms if he ever developed an intimate relationship with her. Lyssa. He went to every show knowing the risks of traveling in between shows.

He vowed the next show he would speak to her. It was worth the risks to watch her small frame move effortlessly around the stage. At the stroke of midnight he'd be back in her realm.

John had been traveling for as long as he could remember. Cursed by the wizard to remain a pirate for eternity. That wasn't the worst, the worst was when he'd travel and have to figure out what time period he was in. He hadn't been able to grasp the handle of traveling on his own. Instead he was cursed to travel whenever the wizard decided. This was his curse for loving the wizard's daughter.


Lyssa had noticed the strange man in the crowd. He attended every show that she had. She would move in motion knowing that behind the curtain her manager waited for her. He took her in when her father abandoned her. He blamed her for her mother's death. Pier saw promise in her and paid for her to learn how to be an acrobat. She never knew that she'd be owned like a possession though.

As the last show for the night came to a close, Pier was already pulling her behind the curtain. His breath reeked of alcohol and she braced herself for the first blow. He never hit her face though, that was his prize after all.

As the show came to a close John headed backstage to talk to Lyssa in person. He heard a harsh slap in the background followed by a whimper. Withdrawing he sword with a loud swoosh, he moved swiftly to investigate what happened.

Lyssa was rubbing her cheek and a man was lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Her tiny frame shook as she sobbed. "I couldn't take it anymore. I've been so lonely for long and wanted to be free." The large stone prop proved heavy enough to kill the man. Grabbing Lyssa I placed a soft kiss upon her head reassuring her that it would be okay. I would take care of this task for her, for us. To free myself from the curse and dedicate my love to my sweet Lyssa. 

Two lost souls reunited only a world away and that's how they fell. How they tumbled down the rabbit hole with a love so fierce, it struck both of them as oddly familiar. It was as if they had met in another lifetime. Free from his curse, he now only dresses up as a pirate for the opening act.

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