Sunday, October 4, 2015

Face Your Demons October 1st

Elsie or Lily (She goes by either) is hosting a Face Your Demons Tarot Challenge over at her Tumblr page Something Inspirational. I am going to do a few catch up posts as I just stumbled upon this. You'll find duplicate posts here and over at Nichols Reviews as it is a writing challenge.

The purpose of this challenge isn't only to get your creative juices flowing but also to help you interact more with your Tarot cards. This is something I've been wanting to dive back into plus I enjoy writing when the muses hit anyways.

Stories are posted every odd day ( etc) so I am going to get caught up on the 1st and 3rd storylines.

Today's story revolves around your relationship with the devil and how he effects your (or your character's life).

1. Take from your deck (or mine) the Devil card from the Major Arcana and meditate on what he means to you.
 2. Write a story from a first-person point of view. 
3. You must include the phrase “This is my demon, my personal devil.” in your story.

I watched from afar as she eyed me. Batting my eyes I knew that I wanted to get to know her. I had always imagined what her touch would be like caressing my skin. She held the rose, the key to knowing who she would choose to take to her room tonight. I came to these parties hoping for a chance. I ran my hands over my skirt trying to smooth out the wrinkles. Adjusting my mask I headed into the crowd in search of her.

The music at His & Hers pulsed through me. I knew I could get her to choose me, I just needed to be bolder. The flamboyant costume she wore made no sense in a BDSM club. The harsh crack of leather surrounded me. Women were submitting to their masters. I ached for someone to own me, to possess me.

"My mirror tells all. I can see the lust in your eyes little one." the soft voice behind me paused taking time to tweak one of my nipples, the silk material of my blouse stretching. "come with me, you've been chosen. I own you now."

I knew I had chosen my fate the moment I stepped into His & Hers. This is my demon, my personal hell. I would belong to Madam Bella Rosa forever more.