Monday, October 5, 2015

Face Your Demons

Today you will pick out your signifier from the deck (don’t have one? Check here!)

 Use this card to look at the two sides of you - both good and bad.

 Write a story that involves them fighting, physically, mentally or emotionally. 

Today there are no rules for writing. This one is all on you.

This was interesting for me because I haven't thought about signifier cards. I did some research and chose to shuffle my check and let the spirits guide me to an appropriate card. Gaia (The Empress) is what was chosen for me.

For as long as she could remember Gaia had always held two sides. She fought with incredible strength to keep her positive self front and center but sometimes the depression fought its way through and took over. The power was so strong it'd leave her breathless. She'd turn into a crumble heap on the floor succumbing to it.

She was known for peace, love, new beginnings. How could she be held to such a standard when behind closed doors she was a wreck? In tears she fought to stay to strong. Her people needed a leader. Gaia had felt hurt after she lost the love of her life.

She felt hopeless, fear of being alone too strong for her resist. Her fate seemed decided for her. Destined to be alone. She struggled to be happy. All she wanted was to feel happy and full of life again. She thought back to their final moments together.

She was in tears as she packed away the last of her things. The other woman lay in her bed. Her bed with her husband. How did things get to this point? How did she end up alone leaving making it so easy for the new woman to just stomp on her ground?

The woman gave her a snarky look as she finished putting her things in the car, the only thing left behind was her heart. She doubted she'd ever heal fully from the loss. As she drove down the long winding driveway, she knew she was better off not looking back.


Looking back Gaia smiled as she realized how strong she truly was. She had the power to be happy and by leaving the relationship she found true strength. Her beauty radiated as she promised herself from this day on she would live towards her future and stop revisiting her past.

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