Thursday, April 9, 2015

Mob Mistress

Author: Renee Rose
Publisher:  Riverdale Avenue Books
Pages: 171

When Chicago hair stylist Lexi Tyler finds herself evicted from her apartment, her best friend sets her up with the mobster Bobby Manghini, knowing he likes to play sugar daddy. He offers her a luxury apartment overlooking the city and spending cash every time he sees her, but one thing is clear: he is the bossman. Lexi soon discovers Bobby backs up his rules with firm, over the knee discipline, but he also takes responsibility for all her problems, giving her more support than she ever dreamed of having from a man.

Mobster Bobby Manghini likes to be the man in control, particularly with women, which is why he prefers a mistress for sex, even though he's no longer married. When he strikes a deal with Lexi to be at his beck and call, he finds in her the full package -- a hot, intelligent woman who is turned on by his dominance and willing to submit to his punishment. But when she finds out he doesn't have a wife, she is hurt by the deception and severs all ties. Can he prove to her their relationship meant more than a business arrangement? Or will he lose the one woman willing to give him everything he ever desired?
Publisher's Note:  This book contains spanking, anal punishment and erotic sex scenes. If such material offends you, do not buy this book!

Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, Renee Rose is a naughty author who writes romance books centered around her favorite kink: spanking. She also pens BDSM stories under the name Darling Adams.

Visit her blog at to say hello.

Lexi is in trouble, big time. She is being evicted from her apartment, up to ears in medical bills, and falling behind on payments to keep her spot at the Hair Salon. When her best friend first suggests the idea of being a sugar baby to a mobster she finds the idea outlandish until she realizes it may be her only option to get out debt. Is it worth risking her heart though?

Bobby Manghini is definitely a powerhouse. He is a mobster who keeps his private life separate for the sake of his girls. When Lexi finds her way into his heart can he keep control of the situation or will he bend for her?

Mob Mistress drew me in and I couldn't put it down once I started. Renee Rose has a way of relaxing you into her stories and I know I'll never be disappointed by her. I absolutely loved the humor, spankings, and watching Lexi grow and change as she let go of past hurts and moved forward.

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