Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Title: Songbird
Author: Rachel De Vine
Publisher: Blushing Books Publishing
ASIN: B014X664YM
Pages: 157
Rating: 5 *'s

Description: At thirty-six, Harry has it all; plenty of money, a successful business, and a string of women with whom he can live out his sexually dominant fantasies. He doesn't want to be tied down, and he's certainly not looking for love.

But when he goes to his friend Jake's club one evening, everything changes.

Pascale is a young French beauty, whose sexy, smoky, haunting voice is completely at odds with her shy demeanour and terrible past.

Harry is spellbound, and determined to meet the new singer. Luckily, being the nightclub owner's best friend has its advantages, and he is permitted to go backstage.

Pascale is quiet and timid, the complete opposite of her on-stage persona, yet she allows Harry to enter her life – and before long, he finds out all about her deepest fears and desires, as well as what she's hiding from.

Soon, the two become inseparable, but Pascale is on the run, and when her past catches up with her and her life is in real and immediate danger, Harry is away on business.

At the same time, his best friend Jake is at risk of losing everything, and Harry is the only person he can turn to for help.

Can Harry reach Pascale before it's too late? Or will he lose the first woman he's ever loved, the only one he's ever really wanted to protect?

My Review: Harry comes to his friend Jake's club one evening. He is coming to terms with the fact that something is missing out of his life. He isn't looking to be tied down. When he hears that beautiful french voice he is captured. He knows he wants to hear more from and get to know her.

Pascale is on the run from her past. Determined to make a fresh start she uses her voice as a way of expressing her feelings. Once Harry worms his way into her heart they become inseparable. Harry starts coping with the idea of a relationship and learning about Pascale's past. The idea of losing her becomes soul crushing.

De Vine has a unique way with words, she knows how to draw you in and keep you reading until the very end. The beautiful cover captured my attention and I couldn't put this down once I started it. In parts of this story I could feel Pascale's emotions as she tries not to let Harry into her past. This is definitely one of my favorite stories. I cannot wait to see what De Vine comes up with next.