Sunday, January 10, 2016


Author: Natasha Knight

Publisher: Self-Published
Publication Date: January 7, 2016

Rating: 5 *'s


Payback’s a bitch — or it would be for Elle. 

Fifteen years ago, my sister was kidnapped. For months, she'd endured hell. Somehow, she'd survived it. Someway, she'd escaped her captors. But it hadn’t mattered. In fact, it had been like losing her twice, because six weeks after she came home, she was dead, and the man responsible was alive and well, oblivious to her fate, ignorant to what he had coming. 

Fifteen years I’d been waiting for this moment, all that time, planning, preparing, readying to put things into motion. To finally make the SOB pay for what he’d done. 

Killing him was too easy. Too quick. No. There was a much better way to exact revenge. 

Take what he loved best. 

Break it. 

Break her. 

I just didn’t realize that in the process of destroying the girl, I’d destroy myself. 


“I only want your pain.” 

I hadn’t understood what those words meant, not really. Not until he made me understand. 

I noticed Adam the first day he moved into my building. He was a badass on a bike in a thousand-dollar suit. When he looked at me, it was with a hunger just this side of obscene. 

Our meetings were strange, accidental. Too coincidental. There was something about Adam. Something I couldn’t put my finger on. 

Something I couldn’t resist. 

He told me I didn’t know him. He warned me to run as far from him as I could. He was moody. Dark. I’d found it romantic. I didn’t know and wouldn’t realize until it was too late that he’d meant for me to heed his warnings. That some part of him had hoped I would run, that I would escape him. 

For too many years, vengeance had fueled him. It had taught him hate. The object of that hate? My father. And me? I was the means to my father’s end. Adam would destroy my father by destroying me. 

I accused him of being a monster, of being no different than those who took his sister, but even in the harshest moments, all I could see in his eyes was pain. And like a fool, all I wanted was to touch that darkness. 

To make it light. 

Please note: Retribution is a full-length, standalone Dark Romantic Suspense novel. NO Cliffhanger. Intended for mature readers. 

Retribution took me on a ride unlike any other. Adam and Elle's story is completely unique and unexpected. I have been a long time follower of Knight's work and loved when she moved into dark suspense last year. Retribution is Knight's best book to date.

Adam is on a mission to get payback for his sister's death. For too long he has been planning out the best way to get vengeance. He wants Elle to feel the pain and suffering that his sister endured.

Elle knows she out of her league when she meets Adam. Something about his dark behavior draws her in and in their first meeting both of them know that they are in over their heads. 

I cannot say enough how wonderfully written this story is. It alternates between both points of view and allows us into mindset of both characters. I felt as if I was there in both of their heads and feeling their heartache.