Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Reads In 2015

I didn't accomplish as much reading as I would have liked but I definitely discovered some new authors!

Elsa Black was a new author to me and reading this brought me into the world of Eden and all it had to offer. I really enjoyed this and loved that I made a new friend out of it!

Ava Sinclair was another new author to me. This was my first time reading Historical Age play and i new I found an author that I could read her historical novels and be interested in it.

I had heard about Trent Evans and his writing style. I ended up reading this in one session and quickly discovered that I'd be a long term fan of Evans.

BJ Wane another first time author for me and I loved the chemistry and lay out of this story. It is definitely one of my favorites.

This was another story that touched my heart. Wane certainly knows how to make you feel emotions that you didn't think you could feel.

In 2015 Knight took to a darker writing style. It wasn't the usual BDSM romance. Instead there were darker elements and it made me love Knight even more. Then when she co-authored with Evans I knew I had to read it.

Dawson was another new author to me. I loved this story! Love, love, loved it! I am not big for Historical Romances but the way Dawson wrote this captured me from page one.

This was another one by Knight that completely roped me in. I love the journey and the characters. Definitely one I'll be rereading.

This was definitely one of my top reads. I couldn't put this down once I started reading this and the way Alleman wove the story just kept me interested from page one.

The Don's Daughter is my favorite out of the Bossman Series. I love that Renee Rose has a strong writing style and to be able to enter the Mafia world is an absolute blast!

I love Katherine Deane's writing style because it is such a sweet style of writing. 

I loved this by Morganna. It was humorous and realistic. Also another new author for me in 2015!


  1. Thanks so much for including me! Glad you liked Her Web Master. I'm working on the next one right now. :) Happy 2016!

  2. Thank you so much-- I am honored to have made your list!! <3

  3. Thank you Felicity! You just made my day!!!

  4. Thank you so much Felicity! I am so excited to be on your list with some very talented authors :)